Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tips to promote a blog - Traffic building

Blogging is fun and passion for who like writing.Today there are more successful blogs in terms of traffic,money. Every bloggers most searched question in every search engine is "How to promote a Blog ?".Many bloggers tried to promote a blog in various ways.Promoting a blog is not an easy process and gaining an constant reader is not an one night process.

Good content + More Traffic = More Money.

So blog traffic plays a vital role in making handful of money.There are some concepts to understand to get traffic for your blogs.

1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) :
     Every search engine needs to find your blog by crawling through the network.It makes them simplier by using the right keyword,Tags for your blogs.
a. Writing a relevant content for your blogs niche.Note that blogs niche is important for gaining traffic for your blog.
b.Provide backlink in your posts.Backlink is essential for providing more page rank for your page.
In your next post provide atleast two to three backlink to the site,also you can provide backlinks to your own post so that readers will stay on your page that increase the average visiting time for your blog.
c.Whenever your are posting new contents make sure that search engine gets notified.This can be done by pinging. A good sites for pinging is Ping-O-Matic, ping, pingoat.

2. Social Media Promotions:
a. An another useful way for promoting your blog is submitting it in an social network sites like twitter, facebook , stumble, diggit.These networks have large number of recent visitors which makes your blogs traffic increases.
b.Commenting on others blog with your links makes other users will have chance to look your site.
c.Participate on your niches forum,have a good group on your own so that they will follow you in your blog.

3.Guest Posting:

Dont stop yourself from commenting but also do guest posting on others blog and get other blogs author to guest post on your blog.By this way your blog gets good amount of traffic.It has got many benefits, which can improve your image as a blogger and also help you promote your own blog by reaching out to communities established by these blogs.

Happy Blogging.

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