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Link Bait - An effective SEO Technique

Link bait is one of the important tool for generating traffics for your blogs and it is a proven techniques by all bloggers in the world.Link bait is easy to understand but very difficult to implement for bloggers because it needs much work to do.

What is Link Bait?
Link bait is nothing but a piece of content,images,videos,texts,blog post which is placed on one web page.The main intention is for gathering many links from different sources on world wide web.To explain this more clearly lets assume an example,

               "Where a web page has more unique visitors per day and i am going to place my bait link such as an image which will readily attract others to click them.If they do then then will land on my blog.This is what link bait." 

If  link bait is used effectively then your blog drives more traffic than ever.But the problem is it takes time to and importantly google does not like intentional link baiting.

Techniques For Link Baiting:

Bloggers and marketing people uses different link baiting techniques to increase their sites raking.
They are,

1.Videos(Funny and Attractive),
2.Controversial Topics,
3.Complete Guides and Reports,
4.Interesting Polls and Surveys,
6.Free Tools and Software,
7.Giveaways and Freebies,
8.First to Discuss,
10.Breaking News.


  1. Yes, Link Baiting has really proven a strong marketing tool for bloggers and lots of webmasters. It comes under viral marketing nature and according to Google anything that is interesting enough in catching people's attention comes under link baiting technique. You said it true as Google does not like it and this is so because now day’s spammers are utilizing it quite heavily to gain traffic from different regions and territories and it’s just like transferring people to other domain in by nearly bluffing them like suppose a user is clicking on a news story or on a image, then he will be transferred to that webpage that probably will not contain that much great information about image or news story and just in terms of low user satisfaction Google does not like it.

  2. Link baiting when used correctly can be very effective. Make sure you're leaving related link bait to the locations that you're leaving them on. For example, don't leave a picture of a delicous steak for your food blog on a technology blog about best seo company. People will assume its spam if it doesn't make sense to be there. Be smart with your link baiting and it can work wonders.

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  4. There are many other ways to improve your web traffic, which in turn will give your website more specialist in the serps. First of all, start with having good articles that is clean and current at least regular. Create sure you have a site map submit for The search engines to find easily, and if possible add some movie or other multi media to your websites.

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