Friday, 18 November 2011

Tips to Write an SEO Friendly Blog Content

Many of you have a think "Why should i write content with seo in mind?"The answer is straight and simple,its because search engines doesn't need Charles Dicken or Shakespeare.They need contents which are easier for the users to search
and use.But I strongly recommend my fellow bloggers to write content for humans.

I am going to reveal you an best seo techniques to rank high in search engine rankings.Whats the deal?If you rank high then automatically google will send unlimited free visitors for your blog,naturally your blog traffic grows.

Lets get to the point. 


When you are writing your blog post,use one or two keywords in your title and frame a nice headlines.
Because most search engines will look for titles that match the searched keywords.Its very important to optimize your title with keywords.Also don't use only keywords to create an title.It will look awkward.


Also be unique and that should reflect in your content and update frequently so that make google happy.Don't get out of topic,revolve around your topic and sprinkle keywords then and there in your content.This is what they call On Page seo optimization.Write your content at least 300 words in length


Your meta description are important factor in search engine results page (SERP). The meta description of your content are very important because it will fetch you unique visitors for you blog.So your blog traffic grows.Try to keep your meta description below 165 characters.


It is best practice to use two or three targeted keywords on your content.Don't use too many and it will bring opposite result for your blog.Keyword frequency is essential in your content because it increase keyword density for the page.Don't trick Google by over-stuffing keywords.

Use these seo tips effectively and you can watch your blog's page rank gets to the sky.
If you have any suggestions feel free to use your comment box.

Thanks for reading.
Happy Blogging.


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