Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to improve page rank ?

Here are top 10 suggestions for improving the page rank.

1.The first and foremost job to do is improving the quality of your content.Because what you are writing is important than page rank.If the content in your blog is good then readers will flow like a swarm to your blog. So on your next post improve the content.

2.If you feel like your content is good then without any hesitation submit your pages to the web directories having large number of visitors.Also use the above submit box to submit your blogs or pages to the directories. Some directories i recommend like High search ranking , LookSmart and also some reference sites like wikipedia and other blogs of your niche.

3.When you post a new content make sure that the search engines know your new post.For that its recommend to ping the search engine using feeds and also use this free tool called ping-o-matic.

4.Publish your site to everyone you communicate,because this adds a new visitor for your site and page rank will increase.

5.Write newsletter for your site and send it to your friends and encourage them to visit our site.

6.RSS (Rich Site Summary) plays important role in bringing traffic to your site,thus increasing your page rank.

7.Ask the high page rank sites under your niches yo link back to your site.Because more visitors visit their site often.If they link your site,then you will fly above the sky means more page rank.. tada ..

8.Keep your blog up,because if you are not posting constantly then google may have a chance of lowering your sites rank.Dont allow that.

9.Search google for your blog.At first it will not ranked but this step will allow google to index your blog.

10.Last but not least Avoid illegal method to improve your traffic.Because, if google finds out that you are deceiving them then your blog will be delist from their index.

Hope you enjoyed reading,now apply all this methods to increase your page rank.
If you have any other methods please comment below.

Happy Blogging.

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