Friday, 21 October 2011

How to Promote Blogs in Facebook ?

 Facebook has become one of the major area for promoting your products.According to internet statistical data provided facebook has nearly 660 million users worldwide during the start of year 2011 and it continues to grow further more.
Its fine that facebook has some millions users worldwide but the question is "How are we going to promote our products in Facebook ?". Thats the question arises for all bloggers,marketing peoples having their products and trying to promote them.Here is your answers.

1.Create a good looking profile for your products like blogs,websites and make sure that in the profile photo use a large photo to display it.This make the users understand about our products.Because Facebook users don't see that content right away,they first look at the picture.

2.Now write a good description about your products in the description area.The description should be small and catchy,so that it attracts the users.

3.Its time to add friends to your profile,because without friends its no use to have a profile.So add good amount of friends.There are many ways to add friends to your profile,use any one of them and grow your profile .

4.Integrate your blog with that profile,so that when you post a new content use friends will look at that.

5.Be ready to comment and mark likes on your friend comments.It gives them boost to do more.So encourage your friends.

6.Also add a Facebook like gadget in our blog.So that readers outside the facebook have some idea about your blogs growth.
Please comment below and add your points.

Thanks for reading.
Happy Blogging.

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